Using Music As An Educational Tool For The Hearing Impared

Many educators believe that learning and appreciating music is not a possibility for their deaf and hard of hearing students. This is just not so. One article I discovered details how music instruction is possible for the hard of hearing and also how many of these students are as proficient or even more as their hearing peers.

The article details that the students often times can maintain steadier beats but need more help with rhythmic and recognizing higher pitch elements. The authors emphasize that besides teaching students to appreciate music, it also helps them with language development because of the the different elements of rhythm, tempo and pitch. They also highlight the social and psychological benefits of becoming proficient in music performance. Much like any student, the use of music will help with issues of self esteem and promote positive social group interactions.

Another article I read detailed how students from the Lexington School for the Deaf performed a hiphop dance show. They were able to recognize the vibrations of the music in order to rehearse and perform the show. Once again it shows that the music is helping them break through pre-determined barriers.


Posted by: Kamilah Dixon