Tearing Down The Walls

Tearing Down the Wall

At the age of three, Jodi Kinner began taking classes for students with hearing loss. She never enjoyed school, and her early years were plagued with difficulties, disappointments, and setbacks. She built up a “wall” to keep out education and pretended not to care. This was common for her until she reached middle school. After watching “Anne of Green Gables,” she was motivated. However, things became more difficult. She moved often and struggled in school. During her first year in high school, she was diagnosed with a learning disability. She spent time in self-contained classrooms and regular education classrooms. She continued to dislike school.
However, upon graduating she enrolled in a community college. Driven to complete her degree, she transferred to Gallaudet University, where she received her B.S., and later a M.S. The task was particularly hard and she encountered many frustrations and failures. She often thought about quitting, reasoning that it would be better than failing. However, with support from her family and her own determination, Jodi was able to accomplish a great feat. Though Jodi never overcame her learning disorder, she did not let it hold her back. She currently works as an advisor for hearing impaired and deaf students at a Community College.
This story is truly powerful because it shows what can happen with determination. Jodi Kinner had two learning disabilities and was not the model student as a youngster. She shrank away from schoolwork and most times shut teachers out. Still, teachers encouraged and pushed her. She eventually found a passion for school and went on to defy the odds of society. Teachers should use this story as an example of what can happen if teacher offer support and reassurance. All things are possible.

Jodi Becker Kinner

Submitted by Travis Bouldin