Strategies For Working With Physical Disabilites

Practical Strategies for working with Students with Physical Disabilities by Lizzie Whitworth

Emotional Rule of Thumb:

*Foster emotional well being and understanding within your classroom. Plan ways in which you and your physically disabled student can talk to the class. Base it around the students comfort parameters: perhaps include a day when anyone who has an appropriate question about the students’ disability can ask that student – and they can talk about it as a pair – or share with the class.

*Incorporate literature into the classroom that focuses on students’ differences as well.

*Discover the students strengths and CAPITALIZE on them!

Practical Management/Lesson Execution Rule of Thumb:

A good rule to follow when you have a physically disabled student in your classroom is to always, always, always: ANTICIPATE! Good teachers already do this but walk through all lesson steps in your head and think about any problems your physically disabled student would come across – then accommodate.