Signs Of Developmental Delays In Your Child

There are many signs that parents can notice or follow to see if their child has any developmental delays, starting from birth with their motor skills. It is very important for a parent to notice if his/her child is lagging behind in these activities:

not being able to bring his hands together by 4 months
not rolling over by 6 months
having head lag when pulled to a sitting position after 6 months
not sitting by himself without support by 8 months
not crawling by 12 months
not walking by 15 months

However, parents need to remember that mild or minor delays are normal, but major delayed motor development, with having normal language skills, can be cause by disorders, such as neuromuscular disorders or mild cerebral palsy.

Children not being able to use a fork or spoon, tie his/her shoes, button his/her clothes, write their name, draw shapes, color inside the lines or hold a pencil correctly could should a delay in a child's fine motor skills. Whereas not being able to ride a bike or tricycle, being clumsy or not walking properly could show a delay in a child's gross motor skills.

If a child is lacking in the motor skills department, then they should be checked out by their physician at their healthy check-ups. Tests can be run to see if your child will have a permanent or non-permanent delay with development, such as the Denver II Developmental Screening Test. The Denver test can look for delays in your child's social and personal skills, fine and gross motor skills and language.


Added by Kaley Walker