Prevention Of Developmental Delays

Prevention of Developmental Delays through Early Detection and Treatment

The following information was found in the article, “Top 6 Ways to Detect, Treat, and Prevent Developmental Delays”, by Ann Logson.

This article provides a list of ways to detect, treat, and prevent developmental delays in children. Because certain developmental delays in infants and young children are preventable, it is possible to treat and potentially eliminate such disability.

  • Learn more about programs from your Public Health Agency. These agencies often provide screenings, health tips for pregnant mothers and advice for maintaining health babies and toddlers.
  • Discuss the importance of Folic Acid with a doctor or health specialist. Folic Acid is a valuable supplement to take before becoming pregnant and during pregnancy as well. It can prevent about 70% of Neural Tube Defect. Check out this website, March of Dimes, for more information on Folic Acid.
  • Have your infant screened to detect early deafness and any potential hearing problems. By detecting such impairments early on, necessary treatments and interventions can help your child with regular language development.
  • Discuss important immunizations with your doctor. Such immunizations can prevent children form catching illnesses that may cause a number of developmental delays.
  • Find out about getting your newborn’s metabolic blood screened. You might need to get additional information from the screening based on the parents genetic histories. The March of Dimes also provide information on which screenings you should learn about.
  • Be sure to get your child’s eyes examined. Amblyopia is a visual problem that can be reversed upon early detection and treatment.

As a former middle school and soon to be high school teacher, I have had several parents of students who are pregnant as well as students who have become pregnant. The information provided by this article is important for all expecting mothers and mothers of infants to know. Each of these points provides an opportunity for detection, treatment, and prevention of developmental delays.

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Logson, Ann. “Top 6 Ways to Detect, Treat, and Prevent Developmental Delays.” Learning Disabilities. 18 July 2007.