Nasa Helps Visually Impaired Students Touch The Sun

NASA Helps Visually Impaired Students Touch the Sun

Scientist came up with a brilliant new way to help blind student understand the solar system, a book. The book, is written by Noreen Grice, and contains life-like images of the solar system taken in outer space. Scientist find the book extremely useful because it equals the playing field for the blind. People with sight cannot see magnetic fields, and neither can the blind. Thus, people with a visual impairment and those with no impairment “see” the same picture.
Though many regular education teacher many not teach students with a visual impairment, the article calls to make everyone aware of strategies that can be used for different impairments. There is always another way of teaching. Teachers should not limit themselves to classroom material, or things found in the school. However, teachers should research recent developments to aid students in need of help.

Jean Brandau

Submitted by Travis Bouldin