Critical Analysis Papers

This assignment is an opportunity for you to examine how the challenges of teaching in an urban school system and the particular needs of students with exceptionalities tackle come together. The text Holler if you Hear Me and your own experiences and ideas with regard to teaching in an urban setting will serve as your guide in writing these reflection papers on the five novels selected for the course. After reading through Holler if you hear me, identify the guiding principles or themes that are issues for teachers in urban settings. Then, as you read each of the remaining novels that describe specific individuals with exceptionalities, identify ways in which teachers, the authors or others might have assisted those students and relate those to how one addresses the needs of exceptional students in the classroom. In each of the books, you will find that creative problem solving or a unique perspective had a major influence in the characters life. How can an urban teacher assist a student with those needs with the challenges of the modern classroom? Discuss in detail, using examples, how the discussions in the books might be of help to a classroom teacher.

You will write a total of four of these papers, each worth 50 points. The due dates for each paper are approximately every other week, but you may submit any paper early. The due dates are listed in the course schedule. You will likely be asking, How long should these papers be? An average of 3 double-spaced pages should do it.