Esp Teaching People To See

In the March 2007 issue of Wired magazine, an article called “Mixed Feelings”, Sunny Bains wrote about different ways that technology is being used to bridge the different senses.


In one example, a Dutchman wore a belt for a month straight that always vibrated in the direction of north. As a result he was able to temporarily develop a sixth sense that prevented him from getting lost. Similar to the sense of direction that birds use when migrating, this man was able to navigate successfully in cities he had never been.

Another technique uses a combination of a computer, a laptop and electric diodes to allow people to see through there tongue. Basically, a camera mounted on a person’s head sends signals to a laptop. The laptop then processes the image and sends it to a device installed on the tongue that has 144 tiny electrodes, which function as pixels. Using this device, people can bypass the sense of sight, and using the image projected onto their tongue, they can walk around an office without bumping into any walls, desks, or doors.


While still in development, this can be a useful too in the classroom. By literally opening up a new sense to the blind, this technology can be useful in helping students contextualize the physical space and world around them. However at this point it is probably not practical for widespread implementation.

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