Dysgraphia is a learning disability centered around ones writing abilities. I had never heard of this term and had honestly thought it belonged within the dyslexia syndrome. Apparently, it affects many children, but it is often hard within the public school system for a child to have the label of being dysgraphic because of the lack of a definitive test. The website I found detailed various warning signs which include messy handwriting, lack of interest in written tasks, early fatigue in writing, and a large gap between written and orally expressed ideas.

The site did offer various solutions including using raised lined paper, having different pens and pencils available and also allowing a student to use a tape recorder or computer. I found the computer adjustment extremely interesting because in our age of increasing technology, one could honestly avoid the problems of handwriting simply by typing most things. I already know of many friends who prefer to type everything simply because others complain of their illegible handwriting. It is excellent that these technologies exist for this population to ease the problems associated with dysgraphia.



Posted by Kamilah Dixon