Drug Abuse And Prevention

Teen drug use and abuse is a problem, especially as people find new ways of making and distributing the drug cheaply ("Cheese" and Crystal Meth).

www.teen-drug-abuse.org lists the following as risk that may lead children to abuse drugs:

* insufficient parental supervision and monitoring
* lack of communication and interaction between parents and kids
* poorly defined and poorly communicated rules and expectations against drug use
* inconsistent and excessively severe discipline
* family conflict
* favorable parental attitudes toward adolescent alcohol and drug use, and parental alcoholism or drug use

What becomes most clear, is that vigilance is a key to prevention. Teachers have a unique opportunity to see what parents may not. By keeping informed and maintaining relationships with students, teachers are able to notice those warning signals - increased detachment from activities, disorganization, lack of focus and motivation - and to provide the appropriate resources.

For more information: [http://www.teen-drug-abuse.org]

By Cary Sabados