Deaf But Able

Often times those who are not handicapped, disabled, or deficit think that those who are have a life of hardship. However, that is not always the case. For many individuals that are hearing impaired, life is sweet and the only thing missing is the background noise.

The information gathered from this article indicated that communication is perhaps the only vice that is always in high demand and needed. Items such as computer-assisted real-time captioning (CART)is used on college campuses to provide the complete transcript of the instructor;s lecture and class notes. However, traffic venues, horns, and any other train or car whistles will continue to be a problem for those in the Hard of Hearing communities

Unfortunately, those who are of the blind community tend to be more limited than those of the audio. - The original useage of the CART was used for court room purposes.

Created by : Danielle Foard