Bullying And Autism

While searching for different articles on Autism, I came across a very useful website, [http://http://uniquelygifted.org/intro.htm] which had many resources for parents of children with different social and learning disabilities. There were a various of resources including factsheets and assistive technology recommendations. One of the areas focused on bullying and how to help your child deal with bullies. After I saw this link, I wanted to find more infromation and found an even more helpful worksheet on about.com.

The worksheet lists ways to teach your autistic child about bullying. Some of the suggestions include reminding the child that a friend will not be mean to you, and if they are being mean then they are not your friend. It also has a list of scenarios to run through with your child.

I found this worksheet extremely helpful because it makes the problem of bullying clear for your child so he or she will not be taken advantage of by other children. I would imagine that such an activity would also be useful in early education classrooms to help show the effects of bullying on other children and confront the problem early on.



Posted by: Kamilah Dixon