Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Body Dysmorphic Disorder is characterized by an obsession with ones appearance. It tends to manifest during the teenage years and can cause adolescents to avoid social settings, feel the need to have different plastic surgeries and participate in eating disorders. Most of the focus is on the different features of the face and usually a person will obsess over one feature, for example one's eyes, nose, chin and ears. The extreme obsession may include using makeup in a certain matter or not leaving the house until a certain hairstyle is achieved. The disorder can become so debilitating that children refuse to leave the house and go to work or school.

It is important for adults in their lives to help them get help with their disorder. One of the ways that is suggested on the sight is not to comment on appearance. This tip is extremely important for teachers who will often make comments about their students appearance not knowing the effects of such comments.

The most common treatments include using psychopharmacology as well as psychotherapy. It is important to help children seek medical professionals to ameliorate their condition.



Posted by: Kamilah Dixon