Attitudes Of The Hearing Impaired Children

Many children are self-conscious about the way other children think about them because they have hearing disabilities. Most kids with hearing impairments are embarrassed to wear their hearing aids around other kids, even if it helps them hear. More kids show an interest in wearing a colored hearing aid because it is fashionable than wearing a beige colored hearing aid. It would help their self-esteem, especially girls, if they wore a colored hearing aid to school. Looking at hearing impaired kids of all ages, boys like wearing their hearing aids more than girls, which would make sense because most girls seem to care what others think about them more than boys do.

When asked about hearing aids worn at school, these children said:

"They think they are ugly and they make fun of me"
(9 year old girl)

"Some children pick on me if I wear colored aids or not."
(13 year old boy)

"I would like to have coloured aids as I think they would look cool on me. I think my friends would think that I was really cool wearing them and forget that I have a problem."
(10 year old boy)

"They are much cooler than boring brown aids."
(12 year old girl)

"They would make me look cool. They are groovy."
(8 year old girl)

"It was a confidence booster for T….he thought it was cool."
(parents of an 11 year old boy)

"He has never been as confident with his hearing aid until he got his green one."
(parent of a 12 year old boy)

Of the parents, 77% of the children wear their hearing aids all of the time… boys wearing them more than girls. Parents are concerned that the colored hearing aids might make the hearing impairment stick out more and be more noticable, but the kids think that it is cool. If a colored hearing aid is what it will take for a child to want to wear their hearing aid, then they should buy the child a colored one. Being accepted with disabilities is already hard enough… colored hearing aids are supposed to help.

This article discusses the self-esteem of children who do not hear well or at all in the classroom. It tells of the tough challenges these kids have gone through.

This is the discussion had between the hearing impaired children and others about how they feel and whether they are accepted.


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