Art Education For The Blind

True art appreciation for the blind has been stagnant for a while. While there have been accomodations made for people to enter museums, there are very few blind-friendly museums. A site I found on art education for the blind details that two museums in NY, the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art have tactile additions for the visually impaired to enjoy.

The other fact that the site delves into is how to teach art to the blind. There is a very extensive program that was developed by the Art Education for the Blind group in 1987. It takes some of the famous works of art and transforms the lines and brushstrokes into raised pictures. There is a strict code for each type of bump and ridge for the pupil to take in the value of the art.

The different images may also include sound to help create necessary depth. It has proven to be a very successful program to help the visually impaired gain access to the art that their visual peers have.



Posted by: Kamilah Dixon