Adhd Is A Common Misdiagnosis

Far too many children are misdiagnosed with the prognosis of ADHD. In many cases it spells out neglect and irresponsibility. In many inner-city schools young black males are typical labeled sped because of their behaviors, communication skills, or other cognitive attributes. However, the same process in the suburban schools is being done regarding the misdiagnosis of ADHD.

Alex Raeburn, started showing signs of discontent, occasional outbursts in school and discipline problems. He later that month broke the fact of the glass clock and left the school grounds. Due to this erratic behavior, Alex was placed in psychiatric ward of a hospital where he underwent testing. Unfortunately though, Alex left without a diagnosis. A recommended psychiatrist from the school psychologist, diagnosis Alex with ADHD a few weeks later, after Alex's problems did not decline. As a result Alex was placed on Ritalin. When there was no improvement, the doctor suggested to increase Alex's dosage. Alex went totally crazy after that point and became very volatile and angry. He even threaten his parents that he was going to run away. It was only thereafter that the Raeburns decided to hospitalize Alex. While in the hospital, Alex was diagnosis from suffering from bipolar disorder and the Ritalin that was prescribed to him had most likely triggered his violent episode.

This story puts the N in neglect! How could this occur in this day and age? What makes matters even worst is that children are being misdiagnosed far too often or dosages are given in under or over abundance. The medical field has to do better, especially concerning our children.

Created by: Danielle Foard

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Is It ADHD or Bipolar Disorder?
Contributed by: WebMD (Posted on 2005-01-28)
Children with bipolar disorder are often misdiagnosed as having ADHD, and ADHD medication won't help. Sometimes, children suffer from both.