Adhd And Nutrition

The Link between ADHD and Nutrition

The following article was posted on MSN under Health Centers in July of 2007

Nutrition is yet another factor in a long list of outside the classroom challenges our students face, but could there be more to it?

Parents, teachers and physicians alike differ in their attitudes towards medication and children where ADHD is concerned. Many prefer medication because it is fast and effective but others argue that “it doesn’t heal anything” M. Zimmerman (clinical nutritionist). An alterative approach to treating ADHD lies in food rather than in drugs. The article states that a nutrition approach is not immediate like medication, but rather takes a week or two to yield results. However, unlike medications there are several “ADHD healing” diets for parents to choose from.

Like any treatment, parents should consult their physician and develop a plan that best fits their child and their family’s life style, “…it’s easier for a child to adjust to a new, restricted diet when the whole family takes part” Zimmerman.

Using nutrition to treat ADHD doesn’t yield detrimental effects on children like medications often do (immediately or over time), and give parents more control over their children’s care. As teachers we should advocate for healthier snack and lunch options for our students. High sugar foods are not only detrimental for all children, but especially those with ADHD. The following links offer more insight into nutritional treatments of ADHD as suggested by the article.  Zimmerman’s book

Posted by Liz McOuat